Zon - The World's Most Reliable & Popular Propane Bird Cannons

An effective solution to problem wildlife, ZON Scare Cannons are reliable and durable. Tough construction for all weather operation with low gas consumption. A 20 LB. propane gas tank delivers approximately 17,000 detonations! Detonation volume is adjustable from 100 – 125 decibels. With few moving parts (electronic models have no moving parts) and all-steel construction they deliver simple, maintenance free operation and are ideally suited for use in airports, seaports, landfill sites, agricultural fields, orchards – anywhere birds are not wanted.

Birds are exposed to electronic noises, sirens, flashing lights & digital sounds that are everyday occurrences at airports. Bird scare devices that utilize electronic noise bothers humans, but birds know there is no consequence. Gun blasts from our "On Demand" radio controlled cannons and aggressively deployed multi shot pyrotechnical scare cartridges deter birds.

Two Zon models to choose from: Electra and Mark 4. Both cannons can be equipped with the optional ZON Tripod that raises and rotate the cannons for maximum effect and range.

Electronic Integrated Timer, On-Demand, Automatic, Bird Scare Cannon

The ZON Electra scare cannon features: built-in timer, multi-shot, automatic, random, and on-demand modes. Choose between 1, 2, 3, or 4 shots each interval. In automatic mode, the cannon can be set to detonate every 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. There are three random modes to eliminate animal tolerance by randomly varying the time after each shot series. This cannon can also be controlled on-demand by purchasing the corded pushbutton controller or the hand-held radio transmitter/receivers.

On-demand immediate explosions. Greatly enhancing the effectiveness of Bird Air Strike Hazard (BASH) programs at airports and bird/wildlife control at landfill sites, this model fires only on command providing total control and timely deployment. Optional hand held radio transmitter and receiver allows remote activation of up to 99 cannons.

• Can be mounted on vehicles or vessels for aggressive scare tactics.
• Optional remote wireless activators for "on-demand" activation.
• Reliable printed circuit board controls gas flow and ignition.
• No moving parts to replace or adjust

Zon Electra

Optional Radio Transmitter

Optional Solar/Battery Kit

Standard Mechanical Bird Scare Cannon

• Detonation intervals adjustable from 40 seconds to 30 minutes
• Low gas consumption – 20 lb. propane tank delivers approximately 17,000 explosions
• Weighs only 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs.)
• Operates in strong wind conditions
• Stable frame design prevents movement when detonating
• Brass seated electrode with fixed point setting delivers consistent spark
• All components are machined to exacting tolerances

- Optional quartz clock timer turns cannon on and off at desired times by controlling gas flow.

- Optional retro fit Multi-Shot Controller with Timer gives Mark 4 scare cannons the same features as the Electra.

Zon Mark 4

Zon Quart Clock Timer

Zon Multi-Shot Controller Upgrade

Optional ZON Tripod
The ZON Tripod raises and rotates any zon scare cannon for maximum effect and range. The higher placement amplifies the sound volume to cover greater distance. Doubles coverage through changing directions of detonations.


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ZON Bird Scare Cannons Are A Necessary Part Of Effective Bird Management & Bird Control Programs!

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